European children being forced to bow down to Islam.

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......Photo from of a trip to a mosque:
British female students are forced to bow down to Allah...
(Bare Naked Islam.) Islam vs Europe  Here’s an excerpt from the British government website that provides information on the national curriculum. It describes a program of lessons called “The Achievement of Muhammad (pbuh)” and discusses how to grade the childrens’ essays, quoting a few examples:
Over a number of lessons, the pupils had read and discussed texts about Muhammad’s (pbuh) life, covering his family’s reaction to his claims, as well as the reaction of people in Mecca and Medina. The pupils debated Muhammad’s (pbuh) achievements in groups and as a class.
As homework the teacher asked the pupils to answer the following assessment questions: Discuss the main events in Muhammad’s (pbuh) life that led others to believe he was a prophet from Allah (attainment target 1 beliefs, teachings and sources). What do you think Muhammad (pbuh) achieved in his life? (attainment target 2 meaning, purpose and truth). (MORE PAIN)

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