Turkey ending dependence on Israel for drone repair

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(h/t Israel Matzav): Iran's Press TV claims that Turkey has ended its dependence on Israel for drone repairs.
Murad Bayar, Turkey's undersecretary for defense industries, said on Saturday that Tusas Engine Industries, based in the northeastern Turkish city of Eskisehir, will be tasked with fixing the Israeli-made drones' motors. He said that the other parts of the drones will be repaired by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. The move has been taken to end Turkey's reliance on Israel for repairing the drones. The Turkish official noted that the two-year guarantee period of the drones will end this month and they will never again be sent to Israel for repairs.
Everyone predicted this... afterall Obama is dealing American Predators to the Turks. The Turks have no reason to deal with Israel as a friend if they see Obama treating Israel so poorly.

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