Herman Cain will move the US embassy to Jerusalem

(Israel Matzav) Herman Cain is getting an education on the Middle East. Here he is on Fox News in May. Note what he has to say regarding 'Palestinian refugees.'
Let's go to the videotape.
Fast forward five months. Here's what Cain told Yisrael HaYom in Friday's editions. I believe that his lack of a firm stand regarding Israel has emboldened Israel’s enemies, and America's enemies. When I was in Israel in August, I met with the deputy prime minister and he said that this was one of the biggest concerns that they had. Because he threw Israel under the bus with the statement about the 1967 borders. He just threw them under the bus. He threw Prime Minister Netanyahu under the bus prior to his visit to America. In a Cain administration there would be no question in the minds of the world and the American people that we would stand with Israel. No question. It wasn’t the president's right to suggest that they change those borders and I didn’t agree with that. For example, I think that the so-called Palestinian people have this urge for unilateral recognition because they see this president as weak. I haven’t seen all the facts but I think this whole assassination attempt [alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington] was another example of seeing this president as weak, in that regard. So, weakness invites attack and I think that he has projected a sense of weakness. [Emphasis and link added. CiJ] He then went on to say that he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem. And that he'd take Newt Gingrich as his Vice President. Hmmm.
that is good. I tweeted to him last night asking him to do just that. I'm glad he is listening to people online. Next we need to hear from Romney and Perry. Once the primary is over it could be hard to get the winner to return to Israeli promises because they will be facing Obama, however with Obama's policy failing so miserably I could be wrong this election. I'm glad Cain decided to clarify his position on the embassy, because my basic feeling before was that foreign policy would be his weakness. He just put those fears to rest. I'm glad Newt will be available in his administration because he is a veteran of government.

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