Iran gives up gold medal in Kurash to avoid facing Israeli

(EOZ) From Iran's PressTV:
Iran's national Kurash team has finished as the runner-up in the 8th World Senior Kurash Championships held in the city of Termez, Uzbekistan.
The Iranian nationals bagged one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals to secure its second place, IRNA reported on Sunday. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan stood on first and third places respectively. While Hojjat Rahnama snatched gold for the Iranian team in the -90 kg category, Saeed Khosravi refused to face a contestant representing the Zionist regime in the final round of the +100 kg category and earned a valuable silver medal. Two other Iranian contestants also opted against facing the Zionist representatives. The four-day long games, held in eight weight categories, began on October 19, 2011. Kurash is a form of upright jacket wrestling, native to Uzbeks, practiced since ancient times.
The Uzbekistan National News Agency fills in:
The 10th Hakim at-Termizi international tournament in kurash for the prize of the President of Uzbekistan and the 8th international kurash championship among adults completed in Termez, Surkhandarya region.
Athletes from over 40 countries participated in the events, which were devoted to the 20th anniversary of state independence of Uzbekistan.
Grigory Rudelson from Israel, Nojat Rahmajozan from iran and Shuhratjon Arslandov from Uzbekistan won the titles of the world champions among men. I admit I had never heard of this sport before today, but at the risk of ruffling feathers of the Israeli leftists by acting Zionist....go Israel!
I guess the Jews can keep their shirts then

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