57% of Israelis want to attack Hamas in Gaza

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( h/t Israel Matzav)An awful lot of Israelis think that the time has come to wipe out Hamas.
Telephone poll carried out by New Wave for Yisrael Hayom 1 November 2011 of a representative sample of 500 adult Hebrew speaking Israeli Jews and published on 4 November, 2011:
Should Israel launch a military operation in Gaza?
Yes 56.9% No 28.7% Don't know 14.4%
Note that this poll doesn't include Israeli Arabs - only Jews.
The question is not should Israel attack, the question is how. On what level does Israel want to be involved in it's occupation. There is no doubt that the present situation of repeated rocket attacks is unsustainable, but does Israel need to absorb Gaza completely to control it enough so she can protect it's citizens from rockets? I would not be so hasty to answer the question in the way this poll is framed

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