Avoid the NOID!

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Obama must be pissing his pants right now. All that work to try and appease his voters and convince the public that he wasn't Reverend Wright's boy... down the drain. Curses! ...and the best part... is he was plaid (99% sure of it). Sarkozy is trying to get elected with his Joooo hate'n Franks who have an ass fetish for Arabs and particularly Arafat's former haunts. Those Palestine boys throwing rocks just look so cute to the froggies in Paris is how I figure it. Best way for old Sarko to get some juice into his election campaign is to make it seem like an accident where he is caught attacking the American. aah politics! and poor Obama... he didn't want this. The best part is it isn't the first time Obama fell for Sarkozy's Shenanigan. Does anyone remember the time the press photographers came out and Sarkozy fooled the newly green Obama into staring at a 16 year old girl's ass? Sarko is so tricky! Obama may be a great speaker (yes with the teleprompter), but he is very slow in the back room and he got plaid. I almost feel bad for the BHO. Maybe Obama might learn who his friends are in the future. I bet you Obama is gritting his teeth tonight.

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