Do attractive people write better online dating profiles

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Media_httpstaticguimc_khhqkRecent research is not anything to go by: ( Academics at Villanova University in Philadelphia have found that more physically attractive men are also able to write more attractive online biographies. The researchers asked 100 women to assess 25 online dating photographs on physical attractiveness, and then to separately assess the 25 biographies on how kind, confident, intelligent or humorous they seemed. The results were conclusive: "The overall attractiveness of the photo was positively correlated with the overall attractiveness of the text. In other words, those who are physically attractive also write more appealing profiles."
Another example of how you can't trust a damn thing in the U.K. Guardian. Yes, men who are generally judged sexually by their mates in terms of their ambitious nature are more likely to make an impressive resume. Obviously if women are not held up to the same biological standard of attractiveness, they will not make as an attractive a resume. The only thing interesting that the U.K. Guardian points out is that their readers (known for hating Israel) is that they are slanted to their female and possibly gay readers who want to think of themselves as equivalent to men in their libidinal nature. That is called vanity and it is not an attractive trait when it appears in any document you write.

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