Eid Mubarak: Hypocritical Commissioner Blocks Muslim Sacrifice of Goats and Lambs

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so get this: Slaughter of Jews is fine. slaighter of Gays... fine. just make sure she can't see it when you kill animals. This kind of morality of convenience is why we are losing this battle... and not just the one against Islam. The fact that she is a commissioner just makes it worse. I'd correct a little child if she said the same thing.
Commissioner Sheila Alu is already moving towards dhimmitude:

“I have no ill will toward the Muslim faith,” she said. “I’m just an animal lover.”
“I don’t want to interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs, but if you want to slaughter animals it should be done in a slaughterhouse,” Alu said. She says she believes it is inhumane to slaughter the animals in a field. “They stab them in the throat. It’s horrible.”

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