Freedom of speech, Bir Zeit on the Hudson style

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(israelmatzav.blogspot) This is too good to check. A classmate from Bir Zeit on the Hudson sent me a promo for something called Columbia conversations online. They're holding a two-day celebration of the launch of something called the Columbia Global Center in Istanbul, Turkey. The Columbia Alumni Association is presenting two webcasts as part of the celebration, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday, each at 11:30 am eastern time. The topic of the one on Wednesday is rich (Hat Tip: Merrill W).
Is the Internet Too Free?
Moderated by Dean Nicholas Lemann and Sheila Coronel
A panel discussion on the perils of—and prospects for—journalism online. Is the Internet a safe place for original and independent reporting? Or is it a threatened space? Are the freedoms that citizens and journalists enjoy online more myth than reality?
In case you are wondering, Nicolas Lemann is the dean of the Graduate school of Journalism. One would at least hope that his answer to the discussion question will be "no."
If any of you are interested in watching, go here.
I grew up in the neighborhood and using the Columbia gym to play basketball in. I suppose even though I didn't graduate there I felt like it was my school. We all know where they are going with this journalist lecture. They feel threatened because they can not control the content. I suppose you should too because I repost your stuff for my blog on mine, but at least I try to give credit... (though I admit I've made mistakes before, but I also know people use my site and don't give credit). I noticed this well known site who didn't give me a hat tip the other day and I said to myself.... what can I do? I don't want to scold the guy because I want to steal back from him. His theft is rather good. There has got to be some happy and fair moderation. Sometimes I subvert what you say by the repost because I don't always agree. That is threatening to the news standards, but it works both ways. Sometimes the news does do good things... and they are being punished.

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