Gilad Shalit: Not Bibi's Fault

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This is the first commenter I've seen who actually is glad for the Gilad Shalit deal. It is also the first time a writer clarified that Bibi is not responsible for a lack of death penalty in Israel or other strategic losses that makes a hostage situation more likely, for example a poor land concession deal that gives Israel no security from people that are still dedicated to kill Jews
(Simply Jews) The message that the Shalit's return home sent to soldiers is a shot in the arm for people who protect Israel.
Saying this, however, I cannot deny the problems created by exchange deals of this kind (without going into much bandied details). Only it will be unfair to blame the current government - after all, it inherited the Shalit issue and most of its solution's parameters from the previous one, and the fact that Israel abandoned its own policy of never talking to terrorists many years ago couldn't be in all fairness placed at Bibi's doorstep. Whatever issues Shalit deal reopened, it is far from being the first (or last) one of the kind.

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