Human organ trafficking war between Sinai Bedouins

(h/t Dan / EOZ) From Al Masry al Youm:
The Al-Tiaha tribe has besieged the Al-Nakhalwa tribe in Sinai since Sunday, accusing it of smuggling Africans and stealing their organs. They killed a Nakhlwa tribesman, whom they believe is involved in human organ trafficking, and arrested his assistant in order to deliver him to the police following fierce gun battles between the two tribes.
Nakhalwa tribe elder Sabbah al-Nakhlawy denied his tribe is involved in such activity.
Meanwhile, a woman by the name of Hanan Mohsen reported to the police that a gang tried to kidnap her and take her organs.
For his part, North Sinai Security Director Saleh al-Masry said the matter was exaggerated. “We have a firm security plan for the area,” he said.
I can't wait for all the people who slam Israel for organ trafficking to denounce Egyptian organ-trafficking.
Because it is obvious that they are motivated by pure humanitarian concerns and not hatred of the Jewish state.
UPDATE: This article by Mordechai Kedar reveals much more about the illegal organ trade in Egypt, and it is shocking. (h/t Jean)

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