Israel has forgotten the scripture: Tutu

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It's a kangaroo court. It's run by the usual suspects. And the whole affair would be unremarkable to the point of being boring if it wasn't for that one tiny, yet depressing, little detail -- its location, Cape Town. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine dishonours victims of apartheid (
( The suffering inflicted by Israel on the Palestinian people shows that it has forgotten the Jewish scriptures, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said on Saturday. "They have forgotten their own history. They have forgotten what their own prophets have said about our God," Tutu said in his opening address to the International Russell Tribunal on Palestine.
"We worship a God that is naturally biased in favour of the suffering, the underdog, those who are suffering underfoot... God is always on the side of the oppressed. In the Holy Land, the Palestinian people are the ones suffering."
Tutu said it pained him that a people who went through great suffering could in turn cause others to suffer.
"There is a great deal of preventable suffering being caused by people who themselves suffered so deeply... who have gone through a crucible of suffering.
"Those of us who are Christian have been influenced very greatly by what one might call the Jewish scriptures. The biased God of the past is the biased God of the present... and if God is to be God, watch out," he added.
"This is the anguish that I bear."
The tribunal is an international forum aimed at promoting peace and justice in the Middle East and is meeting until Monday at the District Six Museum.
It met in London and Barcelona last year and a fourth and final meeting will take place in New York later this year. The current session is widely expected to see speakers draw links between the policies of Israel and those of apartheid South Africa.
Panel members include Holocaust survivor Stephane Hessel, author and poet, Alice Walker, Irish Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire and former South African Cabinet minister Ronnie Kasrils.
Several Jewish bodies, including the SA Jewish Board of Deputees, have dismissed the tribunal as a kangaroo court.
Obviously Tutu has never read Judges:
God told Moses:
But of the cities of these peoples which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance, you shall let nothing that breathes remain alive, but you shall utterly destroy them — the Hittite, Amorite, Canaanite, Perizzite, Hivite, and Jebusite — just as the Lord your God has commanded you, lest they teach you to do according to all their abominations which they have done for their gods, and you sin against the Lord your God. So Joshua [Moses' successor] conquered all the land: the mountain country and the South and the lowland and the wilderness slopes, and all their kings; he left none remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the Lord, God of Israel had commanded.

Granted the context of the bible is within the context of the presence of G-d, but for Tutu to act as if the Jews had forgotten it's Torah because they don't get along with people who want to kill them proves how much bias and bigotry Tutu has. This invidious comparison is Desmond Tutu's, not mine, so don't act like as if I thought the old testament should have any relevance to the context of today in dealing with the Palestinians. Obviously we really do not know the answers. Certainly the Canaanites of the day did not have a systematic hate creed like what is written about Jews in Mohammad's recorded words.  There are so many denied correlatives that one can't even scratch the surface in trying to articulate the fraudulent claims that are used by Tutu. This might be conjecture to some, but obviously G-d wanted us to use our own judgment, but this is proof that Tutu is simplifying on the side of blaming Jews.

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