Keep Wall Street Occupied

yeah, but I still have my squishy stress ball that came from one of those credit tables at college.
P.S.: just cuz I think OWS is stupidity, does not mean I think the banks are good people.... hell most of those farts made a lot of money by electing Obama... (think Soros and southeast Asia... or at the very least think about MSNBC and how GE moved a lot of operations to China... I'm sure you know what i'm getting at)... my point being... yup... those fuckers screwed you. problem is you yokels think they broke the law. they didn't. they took advantage of you through Jimmy (Camel Fuck) Carter. I find it amusing that you think the banks came up with the idea to lend to poor people... I mean really! Anyhoo... by all means feel free to (LEGALLY) prank these jerks... because what you are asking for in this video is actually a real good idea... a billion times better an idea then the stupid idiots that are freezing their asses in the middle of a snow storm before Halloween. Trick or Treat suckers!

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