More Violence From The Obama-Supported Occupy Wall Street

(Yid with Lid) Maybe its the cold weather, or the fact that the protesters are worried they will be missing Thanksgiving turkey and football because they will be stuck in their combination tent cities/public toilets because these Occupy Wall Street folks are getting more hateful and violent by the day. What is really amazing is many of our leaders responsible for public safety (from mayors to congress people to the POTUS-mostly progressive Democrats) are supporting these OWS protesters. And these protesters are attacking police.
Take for example this protester from Occupy Portland who shoved a cop in front of a bus:

These folks from Occupy Toledo were arrested for assaulting police officers. I wonder if OWS supporters such as Barack Obama and DNCC Chair Steve Israel support these attacks on police.

If they don't support the attacks on police maybe our Democratic Party leaders support the way occupy Oakland turned their little slice of the city into a war zone

Heck, things have gotten so bad that even the Occupy Wall Street folks are beginning to complain about the violence.

But it's not only complaints from the OWS people, these NY protesters want to shut the city down.

These Occupy Seattle protesters didn't attack the police, they tried to be the police by making a citizens arrest of the CEO of JP Morgan

Wed Nov 02 16:10:58 PDT 2011

6 arrested and pepper spray deployed in Occupy Seattle protests

Bottles were thrown and more pepper spray was deployed Wednesday night as Seattle police and Occupy Seattle protesters clashed outside the downtown Sheraton Hotel. view full article

More than just a simple protest against corporate-greed the occupy protests have become an outlet for some pretty violent people.  It is just strange that these violent elements have the support of the President of the US aand Democratic partly leaders.
When he was campaigning for President, some pundits said Obama would have a post-partisan presidency, other said it would be a post racial presidency. Based on his support of the hateful,violent Occupy protests, what we ended up with is a post common sense presidency.

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