Star Trek Elder of Zeon

( From this 1968 Star Trek episode:This episode is now in the news since it is about to be aired in Germany for the first time. In case you are wondering: The similarity between the name “Zeon” and the word Zion is no accident. Throughout the episode the Nazis spew insults at the Zeons and refer to the “Final Decision,” clearly hinting at the Nazis’ Final Solution.

Elder of Zeon
Sounds like a great name for a blog. also, btw… a great episode that also deals with the Nazis is the one with Joan Collins as Edith Keeler in The City on the Edge of Forever. [PREVIEW] I have a hunch (but can’t prove it) that this will be the plot line for the next movie. The episode isn’t just great… it is one of the best written stories in Sci Fi history written by Harlan Ellison.

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