Richard Silverstein exposed

(CARL) One of the biggest shmucks in the Jewish blogging world - Richard Silverstein - thinks he has exposed Aussie Dave of Israellycool's true identity.
Now, due to a sloppy error on his part (thanks to an eagle-eyed Israeli who finds him as repellant as I, who caught it), Aussie Dave has exposed his real identity. And since I believe that hypocrites deserve their comeuppance and that their dark secrets deserve to see the light, I’m exposing him for what and who he is: David Loeb, 23 Rashi Street Beit-Shemesh, Israel. In his Facebook profile he notes some sort of affiliation with Virgin Megastores, which may mean he works there. If anyone knows, I’d like to find out.
Commenters note that Loeb has featured a picture of a U.S. basketball player for his profile photo which makes that as fake as the rest of him and his blog is. He also might’ve considered that featuring his blog’s URL in his Facebook profile would be another dead giveaway to his real identity.
There's just one little problem: Dave's last name isn't Loeb and that's not his address (I happen to know the real Dave personally). Dave set a trap for Silverstein and Silverstein fell for it (and continues to believe that he has outed Dave) lock, stock and barrel.
Read the whole thing. And if you happen to open Silverstein's blog (or an article that quotes him in the New York Times), keep in mind what a good job of fact-checking Silverstein does before you believe a word he says.
...this guy did something unethical to me as well.I enjoy a diversity of opinions, but you don't come out learning anything with Richard. He takes part of your tweets out of context. It really isn't witty. It's called a troll.

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