Glenn Beck supports Ron Paul. @JIDF was Correct. #JIDF

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Some of us knew this was all power based political maneuvering the whole time. Some Jewish bloggers fell for this.
(Carl) Listen to this all the way through to the end. Glenn Beck is supporting Ron Paul, even though he admits that Paul is horrible for Israel. Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Sunlight).
Why doesn't Paul talk about who is actually running the FED? because it is Bollinger... and Ron Paul is oversight. both Beck and Paul are trying to obscure things for their supporters so that they can push the Rothschild conspiracy charge. Bollinger is head of the FED... and Ron Paul is oversight.... why doesn't Beck talk about that? point is that he would vote for Paul. that is all you need to know (REDRAW) Carl... the @JIDF and I were trying to tell you this all year. There is no doubt the context of his tirade about a curse within mention of George Soros. You wanted to hear what you wanted to hear. Much of the conservative blogosphere turned on the Jewish Internet Defense Force. This is what David knew the whole time. Some of us saw this coming. Now your next concern should be Romney who has no intentions to release Pollard. If Ron Paul or Romney are nominated we will be pulling for a third party. It was suspect when Romney began asking where the Jewish vote was merely because his supposed conditional and less then proportional support of Israel. Same for Ron Paul. Do not fail to mention that all replacement Christianity is not to be trusted. I hope many of the Israelis who thought American Jews were not supportive and humiliated us for three years will see now that we were always supportive to Israel... and no... the JIDF and I did not support Obama either, but we will be listening careful now. Vengence Against Jews is original LIBEL. Glenn Beck: "I'm not against a Palestinian state."Good Riddance To Glenn Beck

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