Will Obama's Betrayal of Britain Cause a Second Falklands War?

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Obama's so called Neutrality invigorated socialists like Hugo Chavez to fight on Argentina's side, but was it neutral or did Obama take their side? If there were a second Falklands war then our allies would not have the resources to fight our war in Afghanistan. These are not tiny Islands with penguins. This is one of the largest oil sources in the world. 60 billion barrels of oil is worth the oil of two large oil states (three times as much as the oil reserves of the United States)and Obama just wants to hand it over to OPEC? Venezuela and Argentina are in trouble financially because of their management irresponsibility and Obama just put a giant bulls-eye on the Falklands while he berates another friend.
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In her meeting with left wing Argentinian President Christina Kirchner, Hillary Clinton could have quietly pressed her to back down. Instead Clinton endorsed a call for talks in order to resolve the status of the Falkland Islands. Which actually moved the United States away from supporting neutrality, and toward supporting the Argentinian position.

If Chavez and his allies get their hands on the Falklands oil, it will increase his leverage and power base. It will also inevitably raise the price of oil, which will further damage the US economy. That money will then be used to fuel terror in Columbia and raise up more Marxist regimes in Latin America. It will of course also be used to expand the Islamic-Marxist Red-Green alliance with countries such as Iran.
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Vernet had been ceded Soledad Island (East Falkland) for commercial exploitation as payment for a debt the Buenos Aires Government owed him. Aside from Vernet’s worker, among which Argentinians were a minority, a few gauchos and adventurers lived in the Falklands.

Vernet’s daughter was the only person born in the Falklands during that precarious settlement. “Precarious” since there was no town hall, no churches, nor any civil society of any type. Aside from the couple of years of the Frenchman’s enterprise, there was nothing more than a pirate encampment.

In 1833 the Falklands had some 20 inhabitants of various nationalities. All were expelled by the British. Interestingly, shortly after, dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas offered more than once to cede the islands to the United Kingdom to pay off a debt Buenos Aires owed British banking institutions. However, London ignored the Argentinian claim or offer.

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