Palestinian Unity Agreement a Hoax?


Hamas-Fatah reconciliation?

MEMRI's Y. Yehoshua asks the obvious question: was there an actual agreement? Or is it all just for show?
The fact that there does not exist one official version of the agreement bearing parties' signatures (as well as the conflicting reports in the Fatah and PA media as to which document was signed), suggest that there is a Palestinian and Egyptian effort to obfuscate the facts and conceal the exact wording of the agreement (assuming that any agreement was signed at all). This, in contrast to the document of understandings, which was definitely signed, and was published by various media outlets with the signatures of the Fatah and Hamas leaders.
An analysis and comparison of the documents suggests that the version presented by the Palestinian news agency WAFA as the agreement is not the correct version; its publication possibly constitutes a deliberate attempt to mislead and to conceal the text that was actually signed.[4]
It is far more likely that the agreement actually signed (if any), to which the document of understandings relates, is the document that was published in the Palestinian media on the eve of Fatah's signing of the reconciliation agreement in 2009, under the heading "National Accord Agreement," or else a document very similar to it. via

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why is it I'm so concerned about two people reconciling that want to kill me? strange world.

In blow to Palestinian unity, Abbas-Mashaal talks canceled

One can't have TWO STATES with more then TWO PARTIES or with ONE party that wants to kill the other. Can the Catholic church and Hillary Clinton get that concept?
 In blow to Palestinian unity, Abbas-Mashaal talks canceled.... go figure

here is the best related story... Hamas conjecture about it's future...

Hamas considers leaving Gaza government and concentrating more on terrorism's "a burden on its resistance enterprise".  yeah right.

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