Delta Saudi flap leaves questions of openness to Jewish flyers


No Jews, no Bibles on flights to Saudi Arabia?

The Anti-Defamation League said that the Saudi policies are especially burdensome for Jewish travelers.
“Saudi Arabia’s past practice of banning travelers with an 'Israel' stamp in their passport from gaining entry into the country runs contrary to the spirit and intent of Delta’s non-discrimination policy,” the ADL said. “While this practice affects all travelers who previously visited Israel, it has a disproportionate impact on Jewish passengers.
"Moreover, Saudi Arabia also bars anyone from bringing into Saudi Arabia religious ritual objects, including religious texts, from any faith other than Islam, effectively banning religiously observant Jews from entering the country.”
The ADL wants all airlines that partner with those that fly to Saudi Arabia to make their practices clear.
In a statement the ADL said, “We expect Delta, and any other American airline which flies to Riyadh or partners with an airline that flies there, to ensure that its passengers -- whatever their faith -- not be discriminated against, and that no American airline in any way enable, or facilitate this discrimination, whatever the regulations of Saudi Arabia.”

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