Geert Wilders Wins

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“The demographic composition of the population is the largest problem in the Netherlands. I am talking about what comes to the Netherlands and what multiplies here. When you look at the figures and its development…. Muslims will move from the big cities to the countryside. We have to stop the tsunami of islamicism. That stabs us in the heart, in our identity, in our culture. If we do not defend ourselves, then all other items from my program will prove to be worthless”.
Geert Wilders
Dutch politician Geert Wilders was acquitted of inciting hatred
against Muslims and non-western immigrants.
Photograph: Robin Utrecht/EPA
As regards this utterance, the district court determines that this utterance, based on the words as used, is blunt and humiliating indeed, but is not subversive and does not incite to hatred or discrimination. Therefore, this shall result in acquittal. via
the U.K. Guardian is not happy!
....Wilders adopts nationalism as a mode to gather momentum, support and power. It feeds on fear and abuses this fear. Whether the fear is real or imaginary is irrelevant. Fear is a powerful and explosive instrument of power. Many "indigenous" Dutch are threatened and frustrated by developments in the globalised world that they do not want but cannot control, such as immigration, and Wilders talks about "a tsunami of an alien culture that increasingly dominates local culture". The feeding of this fear is an attempt to increase the existing polarisation and segregation of Dutch society, potentially leading to banlieue-type unrest. Unless we all start realising the futility of the attempt – and the court should have given just such a signal.

did you expect the Guardian to take this on the chin.  This is the Guardian's Islamist call to arms.  Geert has them on the run,

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