Since I'm not getting any debate here on Gay Marriage

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all these results from Google about Gay Marriage...
so much that Google made a customized SEARCH button... and yet...
people are afraid to debate the issue! 
Essentially our information system speaks for those who don't have an argument.
A happy rainbow instead of a debate. 
Does this sound like the kind of issue you should support?

...Not one person addressing the issues put forth...the best I ever get is a change of subject (that is at best, usually I get blocked by the typical censorial progressive) ... the only thing I can assume is this is an emotional issue and not something that most New Yorkers are thinking about. so let me appeal to your emotions. Has the LGBT community been supportive of Jews? Has the LGBT community supported Israel? No they have not. Their interest is in attacking our moral culture. In fact the LGBT community has aided Palestine and terrorism. In fact they are interested in our demise. Should we expect them to address the existential interests of marriage when they are trying to kill us? Why so quiet now? They are merely interested in tearing up society that is functional and replacing their hatred. Why else would the LGBT community be supporting Palestine? It isn't like as if Palestine respects Homosexuality. We in the West tolerate gays. They kill gays. How do we get rewarded by homosexuals? ...with the murder of our social fabric. Toleration does not mean we have to let them destroy culture. It does not mean we have to give Gay people special consideration and allow them to turn working parts of our government against us to accommodate their lies.

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