Elder of Ziyon: About Delta, Saudi Arabia and Jews


In 2004, the Saudi tourism website did say explicitly that Jews would not get visas. Embarrassed Saudis claimed it was a mistake and that they had no policy to discriminate against Jews.

However, In 1956, it was discovered that the US agreed upon Saudi request not to station any Jewish troops in an airfield in Dharan,  Saudi Arabia.
And in 1975, when the state of California was planning to send some 200 workers to Saudi Arabia, the plan was scuttled when the Saudis said that no "Zionists" would be allowed, and it was pretty clear after a week of talks that they meant Jews.
It seems to me that the anger at Delta Airlines is misplaced. The problem is with Saudi Arabia itself, as well as those that directly enable its policy of discrimination.
These include Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Air Canada and SwissAir, all of which directly fly into Saudi Arabia.
Where are the protests in Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Holland and France about having their airlines enforce Saudi Arabia's discrimination against Jews and Christians (and I imagine Hindus and Buddhists as well)?
this standard of common airline arrangements is not enabling a discriminating power? If it were black folks would Delta feel differently? Sorry Elder... thanks for the history lesson, but screw Delta 

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