UKGuardian spins Israel's best intentions again.

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...So Israel brings in refugees from the kind of countries that the UKGuardian glorifies, but Israel can not keep them forever. Republics are designed with borders. These borders are for more then protecting jobs. These borders are to protect other people beyond borders from becoming second class citizens without borders. Unwanted guests that bring nothing economically to a country are not only a burden to their host, they are a burden on themselves in that eventually human nature takes hold of any population forced to deal with taking care of people from countries where there are hostilities. Democratic Republics have checks and balances. Part of these checks and balances work through a system of law that is not centralized. The other checks and balance are our borders. The strength of the United States has never hurt the quality of life in Canada for example because Canada mimicked the freedoms Americans had. Sadly the same can not be said of the leftist history of Mexico. Once these checks and balances are rejected you have a chess board without borders and the only thing that matters is rank and color. The point is that these lovely children can be helped outside of Israel. They can be found homes elsewhere and they will bring a Jewish education with them... therefor enriching their own people. To call out Israel as racist for helping these people is really kicking below the belt, but it is the UKGuardian.

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