Palestinian Government to be Announced Next Tuesday...Doubtful

why is it I'm so concerned about two people reconciling that want to kill me? strange world.
Fatah and Hamas representatives announced that they would announce the new Palestinian unity government next Tuesday.
The two sides started joint deliberations in Cairo Tuesday and the meeting they hold next week might also include the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas' Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal who signed the original unity agreement two months ago.
Various Arab sources have claimed that the two groups have already agreed on the identity of the next Palestinian prime minister yet both Fatah and Hamas have decided not to reveal his name until next week.
So why was the government not formed yesterday? Well, it seems the two sides could not agree on who would be the Prime Minister.
This unity government was meant to be formed on June 6. That did not happen, as I had guessed.
I believe that come next Tuesday, I will once again be asking myself, "Where is the Palestinian Unity Government."

The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal

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