President Peres Comments on Fatah-Hamas Agreement

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When there is no TRUTH... there is only a reflection of choosing from those who wish to subvert the system.

...................Regarding the agreement he said: "Israel would like to see the Palestinian people become united for peace. This is not an agreement this is a split. Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization. According to this agreement Hamas doesn't have to change their charter that calls for the destruction of Israel, they can continue to shoot at us as they did when firing on a yellow school bus.  Hamas is a branch of Iran -  Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah want a union for war, Mr. Abbas wants a union for peace."

The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal

President Peres, in a personal plea to Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah leadership said: "I call upon my friends in the leadership of Fatah: unite for peace, don't make compromises, don't permit a division that legitimizes destruction and hatred.  We were for peace, we are for peace and we are committed to a two-state solution."

The President added: "The United Nations cannot accept or recognize a terrorist organization as a state in September.  It is not too late.  Let's take the road of peace. Let's not create an impossible situation - neither for the Palestinians, nor for us."
Abbas is for peace? wake up and smell the coffee! Abbas and Fatah were just another terrorist group. They never were for peace. Not ever. Peres is so quick to judge the moment. that is how you know not to trust Peres.

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