Economically dependent men are more likely to cheat on their female partners

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Another example of how the New York Times and it's feminist narrative have skewed the data. While I am certain that men using women to pay the bills are most likely not in love with their wives (that is a given), but women are not more likely to have something to lose if caught having an affair... especially if a man depends on her income. Given the financial gender disparity of the present economy where men are submissive and treated as useless because our government spends borrowed foreign money to discriminate against men to further the needs of a more docile sex for the Obama state, one can see that this New York Times article merely feeds the fire of feminists wishing to control their men like a caged animal. Orchestrated bias is the best way to insure that men continue to be unemployed.

Whatever the cocktail of contributing factors, the opposite holds true for women. Economic dependency seems to breed fidelity, and controlling for age, education level, income, religious attendance and relationship satisfaction doesn’t alter the fact. Women, Ms. Munsch said, have more to lose if they’re caught in someone else’s sheets.
THE SOURCE “The Effect of Relative Income Disparity on Infidelity for Men and Women,” by Christin L. Munsch, Cornell University.

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