Hot Dogs and Beans

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And of course a lot of spending. Spending money that comes from jobs that don't exist, in the hope that when the jobs do exist, the people with those jobs will be able to pay back China. And if they can't, we can always borrow more to subsidize more social benefits for them. And that economic plan is a formula for the "the hot dog and beans" lifestyle.
..."the only winner in the money throwing contest between Obama and the EU is China, and even that depends on the US repairing its economy, instead of going under, and taking much of China's own imaginary wealth and fortunes with it. The good news is that compared to the global catastrophe being trotted out for us, the worst deeds of Wall Street, and even a Bernie Madoff look like shoeshine boys pinching nickels. They may have bankrupted banks, but our leaders will bankrupt entire countries. We got the government into the banking business to protect us from Wall Street speculators, but who is going to protect us from Washington D.C. speculators, who think that once you go past 12 figures, you're dealing with strictly imaginary numbers."

we should of let the whole thing fail... the banks. all of it. we might of suffered, but this going to make the suffering worse... and if we don't suffer then the 3rd world will suffer for us. someone is going to pay the bill.

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