The New Slavery: Sex Trafficking

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Q: One of the things I find shocking is that most of the drug traffickers have found dealing with humans is so much more profitable that they are now giving up the drug trade for human trafficking.
A: Yes, it's much easier to walk a human being across a border than hiding drugs.
Q:: And the penalties are nonexisting in most places, unfortunately.
A: Exactly. So we have to put the fear of God into people who are thinking that they are going to do this, because prosecutions at the moment are very rare, and the prison sentences are very short. So that is not going to help, because as we were saying, here is this woman, this very respectable woman with her own family and children, so she presented a completely normal fa├žade, and she had been herself trafficked once.There are a lot of women traffickers, and all of them have been trafficked themselves, so you repeat the crime.
what amazed me in this article is how ill prepared our law enforcement agencies are in dealing with this. our police are still out trying to bust kids for selling Marijuana and children are being sold before their eyes because how can you tell the law is being broken? If anything the drug war was a political smoke and mirror. you can arrest people easily because... hey look they are involved in drugs. we really need to wake up.

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