Hezbollah openly threatens civil war in Lebanon

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Report In Lebanon: UAE Authorities Order Lebanese Nationals Out
The UAE authorities have ordered Lebanese nationals residing in the territory to leave immediately.

It should be noted that a similar order, issued a year ago, was rescinded following intervention by the Lebanese parliament spokesman Nabih Berri.
Source: Al-Akhbar, Lebanon, September 25, 2010

From Naharnet:

Hizbullah's MP Nawwaf Moussawi on Friday warned that "the period that will follow the (Special Tribunal for Lebanon) indictment won't be the same as the one before, and any group in Lebanon that might endorse this indictment will be treated as one of the tools of the U.S.-Israeli invasion, and it will have the same fate as the invader."
"Those must not only be worried, but also panic-stricken, and we tell everyone that those who couldn't defeat the Resistance through fire and iron and billions of dollars will not be able to defeat it through an indictment or anything else," Moussawi warned.
in the past few weeks I have been corrected by so called neutral voices stating the difference between Lebanon Defense Forces and the Iranian proxy Hezbollah. I was consistently reminded during 2006 that Lebanon was a victim of all it's neighbors. All these ideas are false. Lebanon and it's people are clearly an aggressor and when they allow large missiles in their literal backyard they seize to have the ability to claim that they are civilians.

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