The World Hates Jews

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Sadly Bill Clinton does not seem to understand that saving Russian Jews from pogroms is essential to the Jewish State.  Instead Clinton makes jokes about jail cells for Russians trying to escape. 
and also... apparently Bill Clinton likes to lock up a few Jews himself

but seriously... this is a story that guys like Clinton feel no one's pain about...
 The 19-year-old Israeli, Shmuel Tuvol, had come with his brother Refoel to pray at the grave of his Rebbe, whose leadership to this day continues to guide the Chassidic sect.
Memorial candleThe two brothers were staying at a home owned by their family in Kiryat Breslov in Uman, near Rabbi Nachman's tomb, when three Ukrainians began hurling rocks at the victim's car. Shmuel called Refael to help him as he was being pelted with stones, but suddenly found himself stabbed in the chest.
“Refael, they stabbed me in the heart!,” he cried out to his brother, according to a report on the Hareidi site Chaderei Hareidim. The last words he heard his brother say before he lapsed into unconsciousness were: “I'm dying . . .”
Rushing to his aid, Shmuel's brother Refael was also attacked by the gang who beat him severely with a shovel. The three thugs also tried to stab the young Chassid, using the weapon they had used to murder his brother. Despite his injuries, Refael managed to wrest the shovel away, and knocked the knife out of their hands. As they fled, he called for help.
Shmuel was pronounced dead on the operating table after he and his brother were rushed to the local hospital. Refael suffered wounds to the mouth and legs....

Meanwhile, as we wait for a statement on whether or not the Israeli government will continue their Jews-only ban on construction, HAMAS terrorists diminish our joy by firing rockets at our people.  In the Sha'ar HaNegev region, they've been on the receiving end of "10 rockets since Rosh Hashana."
Needless to say, the Perpetually Aggrieved (PA) want the construction ban extended ["Abbas Says Israel Must Choose Between Peace and Settlements"] and just in case that's not sufficient precondition for the "peace" talks "with no preconditions," they're also demanding that Israel release dozens of prisoners.
I think I've seen this movie before.

Hamas burns star of david when arafat met bibi in gaza

Oh, and one last thing.  A bunch of idiotic Jews - from Israel, the UK, Europe and America -  have set sail from Cyprus with "aid" for Hamasniks in the Gaza strip.  They want to show the world that not ALL Jews support Israel.
With relatives like this, who needs enemies? 
What can we do, but acknowledge the lesson of a sukkah, that life is temporary and the only safety to be had is in keeping the faith... that gam zu l'tovah ~ Everything is {somehow} for the Good.
Read the sad Conclusion in the link.

I'm thinking the way to cure Bill Clinton of the racism he feels against Russian Jews is to send him another one of our liberal Jewish girls to give him pizza again.

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