Prime Minister Netanyahu favors bill that Democratizes Piece Deals with Palestine

Prime Minister Netanyahu is said to favor a bill that would require a referendum on any agreement that would require Israel to give land to the 'Palestinians.'
Prime Minister Binaymin Netanyahu supports a bill that would require a public vote on an agreement with the Palestinian Authority that includes an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, according to a Monday evening report on Channel 2 television.
According to the report, Netanyahu wished the bill's sponsor, Member of Knesset Ofir Akunis, success when Akunis presented the proposal to him.
I heard a statement from one member of the Knesset on the news on Monday night - I forget which one - who claimed that Akunis' bill would circumvent the 'representativeness' of the Knesset. That's nonsense. Israelis vote by party and most Israelis have no voice in choosing the parties' candidates. If anything, a referendum of ordinary Israelis is far more representative than a vote of the Knesset. Israelis won't see their votes for cabinet ministries, coalition agreements or red Mitsubishis.
that sounds like an excellent idea.  I suppose those that hate Democracy will be against it.

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