Karl Vick of Time Magazine: I wasn’t aware

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Time Magazine's Jerusalem bureau chief Karl Vick, who wrote the infamous cover story that claimed that Israelis are only concerned about money and don't care about peace or the 'poor Palestinians,' went on a tour of Samaria this week, accompanied by Yesha Council chief Naftali Bennett.

"Vick could not help but notice the vast open and untouched spaces between all the communities in the Shomron, Jewish and Arab, and how the Israeli presence does not encroach on Arab villages or agriculture", said Bennett. "It is obvious that there is enough room for all of us and for Jewish expansion." "I wasn’t aware of all this”, Vick commented, explaining that he did not write the headline for his article and that editing had made the article seem more critical than he meant it to be. He is considering a sequel to it.
via israelmatzav.blogspot.com
what kind of journalist uses the excuse that he wasn't aware? aren't we supposed to be paying him to actually be aware and report honestly? Did Time Magazine not even bother to document any of their accusations over the years?

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