lol Argentina asks Ahmadinejad to extradite Defense Minister, other bombing suspects

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...and now a Pigs can Fly Moment...
Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has had her picture taken with just about every terror leader in the world except for one: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. There's a reason for that: Argentina still has a score to be settled with Iran over two bombings in Buenos Aires in the 1990's. In her address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Kirchner called for Iran to extradite the suspects in the bombing to an agreed upon third country for trial.
Argentina has asked Iran to sign accord allowing the trial in of suspects involved in the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association (AMIA) in Buenos Aires to take place in an agreed upon third country in a speech delivered by Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner to the UN General Assembly on Friday, AFP reported.
Kirchner asked Iran to "agree in a joint accord on a third country where fair trials could be held," according to AFP.

Argentinian prosecutors have long alleged that Teheran planned and ordered the 1994 bombing that killed 85 civilians.
Teheran has so far turned down Argentinian requests that it extradite Iranians suspected of involvement in the terror attack.

Kirchner also reaffirmed Argentinian claims to the Falkland Islands during her speech to the General Assembly and criticized the UK's conduct regarding the islands since the 1982 war between the two countries.
Good luck with that. I'd say that she has a better chance of recovering the Falklands than of getting those Iranians to trial, especially since one of them is Ahmadinejad's Defense Minister, Ahmad Vahidi. But maybe some of her radical friends would be willing to help. Heh.

She reminds me of the leadership in America.  It should be noted that the reason she needs to be aggressive and demand the Falklands is because since she has taken over the country is completely unsustainable socialism and the only way for Argentina to not hit a brick wall with their economy would be to expand and take over more resource reserves.  Kirchner has enabled the most radical murderous element with her greed for greater power of the state.  It isn't the intentions of the leaders in socialism that cause statist military growth, it is their ignorance.  Kirchner might not have the testosterone of a real strong man, but Argentina's actions under her supervision will lead to only one outcome: aggression.  Angentina's leadership is completely unaware of repercussions of their actions.

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