AP's Delays Dedicating a Story to Cain's Fla. Victory Until 'Today' Puts Him on the Defensive


Herman Cain vows if he becomes President he won’t appoint any Muslims to his administration...

(News Busters) Herman Cain's victory in Saturday's GOP straw poll in Florida didn't become headline news at the Associated Press until after the candidate's Monday morning "Today Show" interview. Earlier today at NewsBusters, Kyle Drennen noted how "Today's" Ann Curry tried to frame the result as some kind of "protest vote." Having delayed dedicating a story to Cain's victory for roughly 36 hours, the headline in AP's unbylined story this morning was: "GOP's Cain says win in Fla. straw poll not a fluke." In other words, it didn't become news at the wire service until someone else in the media put the candidate on the defensive about the significance of his win, thus avoiding giving him any moment of unvarnished recognition for the good old-fashioned butt-kicking he delivered (37% Cain, 15% Perry, 14% Romney, 11% Santorum, all others under 10%).
I said this guy was the man a few months ago, but he seemed a little slow with the Palestine questions, but now when I think back on it... the question he was asked I didn't really know the details about until recently and I suppose I'm a little bit of an expert on some of those issues. I'm a little iffy about a bunch of things with him. I felt uncomfortable when the media scrutinized his Mormon skepticism, but then I can't really say much there... because I felt the same way. That is politics... we blame these guys for our own guilt.

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