France Breaks With Obama on Palestinian Statehood Issue

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(NYTimes) "Each of us knows that Palestine cannot immediately obtain full and complete recognition of the status of United Nations member state," Sarkozy said. "But who could doubt that a veto at the Security Council risks engendering a cycle of violence in the Middle East?"
How do you know that violence is inneivitable regardless of any vote? Palestinian Authority representatives in the United Nations are handing out maps of "Palestine" that show it in place of all of Israel, including Tel Aviv
The Palestinians currently have the status of an observer “entity” in the United Nations."Why not envisage offering Palestine the status of United Nations observer state?” said the French leader. “This would be an important step forward. Most important, it would mean emerging from a state of immobility that favors only the extremists.”
but the extremists are the ones from the Palestinian Authority handing out maps
Recognition as an observer state would not mean much here except for some procedural changes, but it would allow the Palestinians to join subsidiary bodies and treaties of the United Nations. Most Israeli concern has focused on the possibility that making the Palestinians an observer state could enhance their ability to join the International Criminal Court and pursue Israeli leaders through “lawfare.”
I had not even thought of that. Obviously the NYTimes is already planning their use of this upgrade

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