OH HELL NO! Arresting Trolls? I'm in trouble now!

In a unique case in Britain, a 25-year-old man has been sent to jail for 18 weeks for posting mocking video and messages about teenagers who had died and were being memorialized on sites such as Facebook. Sean Duffy posted defaced pictures of the teenagers online and made jokes about the way they had died, which included a girl who was hit by a train, and created cartoonish videos on YouTube. According to the Guardian newspaper, the judge called the case an example of the “harm and damage” that malicious behaviour on social networking sites may have. “You have cause untold stress to already grieving friend and family,” the judge said. Mr. Duffy was also ordered to stay off Facebook and any other social networking sites for five years.
Of course they only arrest guys for this kind of thing. It isn't like as if the authorities arrest women when they spread rumors that some guy is a rapist that they have never met. Not only is this wrong to arrest people for telling jokes... it's unconstitutional in the United States. I'm getting tired of this attitude towards our freedoms. ...and yes I realize it is in the U.K., but I figured they had evolved or something. Our rights are lost... just about everywhere.

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