What do Muslims and Feminists have in common? They both hate free expression in Cab Advertising

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Flash Dancers taxicab adTaxi honor killing lincoln center (2)NY Mag has this:
The Taxi & Limousine Commission has ruled that if a cabby owns his car, he's allowed to opt out of the ads that sit atop it, striking a blow against gentleman's clubs citywide. As the rules stood previously, the owner of the taxi medallion, not the car, had the final say bout the contents of its roof ad, much to the dismay of religious or conservative drivers. "We are Muslims, and we do not like the ads," said a man who was forced to ride around with a Flashdancers sign all day. One cabby said he had to walk to mosque rather than be seen with "disgusting things."
(MORE with Pamela Geller)

Are taxi-top advertisements for strip clubs, like this one for Flash Dancers, inappropriate?
(Photo: David Goldman for The New York Times)

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