No Ma'am

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extranuance: The Temptress
Attacking_Conservatives because they are Men with... um... a PENIS... is not going to get us out of a very serious problem here. The only thing that will save us now is SOCIAL CONSERVATISM, because the GOV does not have the money to hand out to single Mom's and their hypocrisy. For decades, no man could keep his job in Liberal Blue States and point out the TRUTH. even as we are at the edge of a cliff. Many think Global Warming is real and that Sarah Palin is the most dangerous thing since Hitler. The truth hurts. If we don't find a way to cut spending there will not be jobs in the future. Then the ladies can hate men even more... because whores always get work blowing foreigners that have all the power. (No Ma'am: Temptress Pics)

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