German Political Pirates ARRR!

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The Moral Debasement of Berlin (Islam vs Europe)
(Shiek Yer Mami) says Counterjihad parties got nowhere. Pro Deutschland got 1.3% and Die Freiheit (affiliated with Geert Wilders) got 1%. This means they won’t have any representatives as they didn’t pass the 5% barrier. Even an ethnic turkish party (BIG), set up by the ruling AKP party in Turkey, got 0.7%, almost as much as the Counterjihad parties. The NPD, a sort of BNP equivalent, got 2.2%. The ridiculous Pirate Party, however, which campaigns for free internet downloads (and free public transport for unemployable rabble among other things like voting rights for children),got 9%, and will have 15 deputies. It’s a sign of serious moral debasement when people will vote for such frivolous causes while their city is being eaten alive by Mohammedans.The only halfway-serious party in the Berlin parliament will be the mainstream centre-right CDU with 39 seats. The SPD (Labour party equivalent) will have 47 seats, the Greens 29, the Left (rebadged communists) 19 and the Pirates 15!

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