Why Palestinian Arabs Shouldn't Use Israeli Servers

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(Daled Amos) I'm sure the Turkish hackers were very proud of themselves when they hacked into 70 sites on an Israeli server--but they were all sites being run by Palestinian Arabs:
Turkish hackers attacked dozens of Israeli websites over the weekend, only to find out that the sites belonged to Palestinians.
The confusion was caused due to the fact that the Palestinian sites, which have a .ps web suffix, use Israeli web servers.
"The hackers left anti-Israel messages on 70 Palestinian sites," said Shai Blitzblau, the head of Maglan-Computer Warfare and Network Intelligence Labs. "Most of them discovered it when it was already too late. Only after they broke in and sabotaged the websites did they find out these were Palestinian sites."
The message, which featured an image of an Israeli soldier washing blood off of his hands, read: "Because you voted on behalf of Israel on Blue (Mavi) Marmara report… We suspended this site. You will apologize Netanyahu, you will apologize Israel."
It's not clear why the site being in Arabic instead of Hebrew would not be a tipoff.

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