Romney calls for cutting aid to 'Palestinians' and UN

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Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, has called for cutting funding to the 'Palestinians' and the United Nations if the UN recognizes a 'Palestinian state' later this week. And that's not all - no, that's not all.
Mitt Romney would like to see the U.S. “cut foreign assistance to the Palestinians, as well as re-evaluate its funding of U.N. programs and its relationship with any nation voting in favor of recognition” if the U.N. opts to grant Palestine statehood. (MORE)
Thank you Mitt. And I say sincerely that I am sorry I have insulted your religion on this blog in the past. I really was trying to understand it. I still don't believe in your view, but I no longer think Mormons are racist... in fact your text is meant to be just the opposite, but that is really why I can never be Mormon... because I think if G-d really did write a book it would be more clear. Bless you anyway... and I will support your presidency.

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