American Nazi Party Declares Full Support For Occupy Wall Street

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(Jewish Internet Defense Force) Oddly, despite the following, a small fringe group extreme left wing anti-Israel Jews are still vowing their support for the same movement.  They are even trying to have Jewish Holidays at the protest! (Insanely, Chabad, the Conservative Movement, Jewish Theological Seminary and some others in the Jewish establishment have even lent a helping hand to them!) (MORE PAIN)
It is time for the Jewish community to end their demonization of grass root Conservative movements. Such ideas as opposition to "Gay Marriage" for example are not necessarily about hatred. Hate I have found usually comes from people who fear or disapprove of a unique institution (that includes Judaism), but also includes such unique institutional conventions as Heterosexual marriage. It is time for the Left (and those Conservative movements that have been co-opted by the left) to have a hard look at themselves and ask if they are truly interested in furthering dignity or if they are only interested in destroying that which is unique and stands out. Equivalences do not further Equality. To deny that which is special is a hateful act.

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