Another quick thought about Steve Jobs... I mean Jobs

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...maybe cuz Steve Jobs sent all the jobs to China for slave labor to make those iPods that the hipsters wear. I'm upset too about losing an innovator, but he was no friend to America. ...and yes I saw the South Park episode too and I get these people who made this little bitmap are making fun of guys like me, but the truth is that so called innovators like Steve did so at the expense of our society. And it isn't like these guys were just following the system because the tech industry were the libertarian asshats that manipulated our elected representatives to allow this to happen. They didn't just abuse the American worker... they exploited the slave labor in China and we should keep it in mind as we remember the good things that Jobs and his Tech pals did. These large companies... even the upscale ones had influence over our government and it is time to tell the Tech industry that we as a country will not take their abuse anymore. I know all about isolationism and the Smoot Hawley act, but America is now a consumer society and can afford to buy it's own products. We have nothing to lose by asking our products to be made in America.

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