Gilad Shalit is in Israel


Gilad Shalit to Egyptian television: "I will be very happy if the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are released, as long as they don't return to attack Israel."
Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit said Tuesday that he had been treated well by his Hamas captors during the five years he was held hostage, telling Egyptian television in the first interview following his release that he was relieved to finally be surrounded by people.
"I'm very emotional. I haven't seen people in a long time. I missed my family. I missed seeing people, and talking to them," he said.
it is hard to explain... but i never really knew who this kid was and what I can see from the videos is he is an extraordinary human being. I don't just mean because he is on the news... I mean Gilad Shalit is a good person. I can tell this just by his eyes. He strikes me as sincere and real. We were tweeting about him for years and he could of been a brat for all we knew. I'm glad that he is not bullshit. He isn't like a Hollywood star or an athlete. Gilad strikes me as deep... on another level.

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