Hamas official: Schalit won't be last solider we kidnap

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Group spokesman says releasing those left in Israeli prisons after exchange is "top priority"; Mashaal reportedly arrives in Cairo to finalize deal. Hamas on Wednesday warned that Gilad Schalit will not be the last soldier that they will kidnap. Abu Obaida, spokesman for the armed wing of Hamas, Izzadin Kassam said that Schalit, who is set to be released as part of a prisoner exchange deal, "will not be the last solider kidnapped by Hamas as long as Israel keeps Palestinian prisoners detained."
The senior official added that his forces were committed to all the prisoners that remain in Israeli prisons after the prisoner swap deal, and their release will be the organization's top priority.
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, accompanied by a delegation, arrived in Cairo on Wednesday to finalize the prisoner exchange deal, DPA reported.

Tuesday night called the deal to exchange Schalit for over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners a “great achievement.” “We are happy with this great achievement and we thank our God for that. But our happiness is mixed with sorrow because we were not able to gain the freedom of all prisoners,” Meshaal said from Damascus, speaking in a televised speech.
Hamas presented the prisoner exchange agreement as a “historic victory,” saying Israel has accepted all the demands of the captors.
Abu Obaida said the agreement includes prisoners from east Jerusalem, Israeli Arabs and all the women and minors among the security prisoners.
He also pointed out that two-thirds of the prisoners who would be released in return for Gilad Schalit are serving lengthy terms in prison.
“This is an historic deal,” Abu Obaida boasted. “Hamas will remain faithful to the cause of the prisoners and will continue to work toward securing the release of all of them.”
Comment: Israeli policy for kidnapped soldiers must change. Compassion is one thing, putting citizens at risk in the future is quite another thing. The research is clear-50% of released terrorists returned to practice of terror-do the math on this prisoner exchange. We can count on minimally 500 of these terror experts to again kill,murder and maim our citizens-how many of our citizens will now die? It is also useful to understand how this release is perceived in the Arab culture that surrounds us. I have been watching video after video clip of the celebrations by these people starting last night and continuing to this day. Guns, masks, shouts and screams of joy, signs demeaning Israel and additional mean spirited and rascist words in play. This is a major victory for them, this motivates and helps recruitment into terror teams, this not only condones it strongly reinforces this horrific behavior. The western world had best get off its "buts" and recognize who the enemy truly is and then dramaitcally shift its policies and security strategies.
...and yet Shalit was not only symbolic... there would of been no Egypt to negotiate with shortly. It is important for Israel to accurately account for what happens to these 1000 released people. It is also important to note that there might be so many killers out there that 1000 people will not make a difference. Also it should be noted that if these 1000 go rouge on Israel again that guns should be at shoot to kill. This is survival time now. The international community has no respect for Jewish hostages. They didn't care during the Holocaust and they didn't care about Gilad Shalit. The Israeli prisons were scrutinized, but the Red Cross didn't make one visit to Gilad during his captivity. Let the Palestinians celebrate. They have made the Jews desperate to survive... and maybe that is exactly what Israel needs. The Malaise is over.

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