Herman Cain rises, Rick Perry slides in CBS poll

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..Agha Khan hurts Perry,..
so does the Norquist and Perry connections...
Blacker then Obama and likes the Jews more: (CBS)/Getty) Herman Cain has moved into a tie with Mitt Romney atop the field of Republican presidential candidates. Rick Perry has fallen 11 percentage points in just two weeks.
I like all these guys, but Perry is vulnerable to criticism all over the place. He is exactly like Bush with all the same problems. The Left hates him because he is Christian and the right doesn't trust a guy who is doing business with our murderers. If Perry wants to win he is going to have to clarify his position on Islam. Since Perry is Al Gore's campaign manager I'm not sure he has the ability to be a true conservative and call out a danger. Perry let school books carry Palestinian propaganda like claims that Jews and Muslims lived in peace before the state of Israel was created. This claim is false as was pointed out on my blog regarding Tiberias, and there are so many other examples of killing pogroms. The Arabs were as bad as Cossacks and a few liberal Eastern European Jews are going to have to realize that their anger at the Tsar is equaled to the abuse the Sephards took. When the Arabs asked to merely kill Ashkenazis they killed the Sephards with them. That is what happened in Hebron. Romney's problem is very simple... he's a Mormon and Mormon religion despite what Beck claims is replacement theology. Romney is a true friend of Israel, but Romney is going to have to change his church like his Dad did when the church started allowing black people in (black folks are cursed in Mormonism... yes the rumor is true and I suppose we could say slavery was a curse... yeah it took me a while to get that the Mormons are actually the liberal bohemians who wanted sex with more then one vagina. I get it now... and I'm sure I've offended a few readers just now... honestly I'd convert if you didn't believe we were all from outer space and things like we can be a G-d too... I do like the wife part) The problem with Cain is he is a business man... and business men have to take recommendations on things... they are not scholars. He admits that, so Cain is really only as good as the people that are around him. He's a leader, commander and not a scholar. It shows when he answered some Palestine issues. Example he didn't know anything about a Palestinian right to return. He said this to deny something on a threatening stance, but the truth is that this stance is out there and he didn't know about it. you have to acknowledge lies before you can undo them. I still think Cain is a sure bet to be elected and get Obama the Jew back stabber out. The campaign slogan could be I'm blacker then you and I like Jews.

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