Israel as a wedge issue

The American public is ready to hear Israel's case, and the liberal feminist progressive multicultural agenda is now officially on trial with the people's opinion. Americans want their public figures to finally come forward with the facts and in the internet age it will be hard to obscure truths. A few years ago the media was claiming the death of the Republican party as we knew it... the cold truth was that in fact someone had dug a hole for a political parties grave, and it appears it will be the Left that will buried alive with it's hypocrisy. I reckon it is going to be so painful for Obama and his crew that we are about to see an end of an era. Once upon a time the Democrats were the Dixiecrats who supported the south. They considered themselves the people's party warts and all... corrupt, but at times supposedly necessary to protect the people from robber barons. This Democratic party no longer exists because people started talking. For decades people were afraid to criticize the ideology of "PEACE". That era is over. It isn't a matter of left or right, but rather it is a matter of honest reflection going down and the Democratic party will not like the monster they see staring back at them. It is doubtful that the GOP will change from being a Judeo-Christian party to being the party of Corporate Anarchy. It is more likely that the Democrats are going to have to reinvent themselves and find new causes.
(Caroline Glick)...In the face of Obama's unprecedentedly harsh treatment of Israel, Cong. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee used the opportunity of a joint meeting with Netanyahu for leaders of the National Democratic Jewish Council and the Republican Jewish Coalition to make the case for silence on her party's weak support for Israel. Her statement reportedly made Netanyahu so uncomfortable that he asked, "Do you guys want me to leave the room and give you guys some privacy?"
While requests to block debate on Israel were respected in the past, the current divide between Democrats and Republicans on Israel is so wide that avoidance of the issue no longer makes sense for Republicans. And so, days after the meeting with Netanyahu, RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks wrote a letter to Wasserman Schultz officially rejecting her request.
As he put it, "The Jewish community has a right to be informed about people's records and people should be answerable for the positions they take. This is the essence of democracy."
And indeed, both the RJC and the Emergency Committee for Israel, a conservative group formed ahead of the 2010 Congressional elections, made Obama's hostility to Israel a major issue in the New York 9 race.
Congressional Republicans have also stopped giving the Democrats a free ride for their tepid support for Israel. In the past Republicans avoided introducing major legislation on Israel without Democratic co-sponsors and willingly watered down their initiatives to attract Democratic support. This is no longer the case.
In August Cong. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee introduced a bill that will end US financial support for the Palestinian Authority and steeply curtail US funding for the UN if the UN upgrades the PLO's diplomatic mission. All 57 of the bill's co-sponsors are Republicans.
Cong. Joe Walsh introduced a resolution in September calling for Israel to annex Judea and Samaria. His resolution's 40-odd co-sponsors are also all Republicans.(MORE PAIN)

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