More Silly business at Occupy Wall Street

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Yes I know we've already seen this protester's hate, but there is a point I'm trying to make here... wow... we control the East Cost and the West Coast judges.... damn... we really need to work harder in Chicago. This guy says the Jewish population in the US is only 2.2%; yet, we are blamed for taking over Wall Street, etc. The ”Jewish Conspiracy” theme is becoming more popular in the Occupy Wall Street protests.... blah blah blah... now that point... ..,After you watch the video on the left, Youtube pushes you to another video (an interview from RT) and the girl says she is at OWS because she is a domestic violence victim. So this is how it works... Wall Street is now responsible for domestic violence. the Left just blankets all their buzz words that get their core vaginas all bunched up... and then they ignore the Anti-Semitism. It's like as if issues don't even matter. it's a rage at men... and what is more patriarchal then the Jews?

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