MSNBC Host Lectures Herman Cain on What He Should Have Done During the Civil Rights Marches

(All American Blogger) Self described socialist Lawrence O’Donnell had Herman Cain on his show last night and in one of the most denigrating and elitist displays you’ll ever see, attempted to lecture Cain on his responsibilities as a black man during the civil rights march. It’s pretty vile:
The only way a black man can further his community is by being a protester? I hate to use these words lightly, but I smell a racist.
Black America needed succesful business men more then protesters. Sure you can complain... and yes there was injustice, but proving that one can work within the system is something the black community was lacking. Cain's contribution is every bit as important... and what impresses me the most about Herman here is how patient he was. I would of ripped the guy a second anus. btw... with all the violent crime because of hot headed action going on with black folks... what Cain is showing here is real leadership. I really want him to be our president. This guy is for REAL!!!!!!

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